Zac Efron Discusses Drug & Alcohol Problems

Zac Efron has recently opened up about his drug and alcohol problems.

The former Disney Channel star — who appears in the upcoming Neighbors with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne — completed a stay in rehab last year.

Read on for more about Efron’s drug and alcohol problems and how he’s dealing with them today.

Zac Efron’s Struggle With Drug & Alcohol Problems

Why He Turned to Drugs & Alcohol

After his more family-friendly roles in Disney Channel’s High School Musical series, Efron wanted to shift his career to more adult roles. As he threw himself into his work and grew increasingly busy, he began to feel “burnt out” by his work.

As he described, despite back-to-back filming schedules, he felt “there was something lacking, some sort of hole that I couldn’t really fill up. I was just so deep into my work, it was really the only thing I had.”

2013 Rehab Stint

Efron completed an under-the-radar rehab stint in 2013, declining to comment on the situation when the media found out about his stay. Recently, he revealed that his rehab was focused on his drug and alcohol problems, and that focusing on his voluntary treatment was an important step to recovery. We commend Efron for recognizing that he had a problem and seeking help before it spiraled too far out of control.

Life After Rehab

Now, Efron says he manages his recovery by attending Alcoholics Anonymous, which has “changed [his] life” and made him “more comfortable in [his] own skin.”

Efron has also made lifestyle changes, including exercising daily and instituting a 9 PM bedtime.Still, drug and alcohol addiction is a “never-ending struggle,” so consistently attending AA meetings and therapy appointments is a must.

Need Help With Drug or Alcohol Addiction?

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