Which Star of the Avengers Had a Nightclub Bouncer Buy Drugs? New Tell-All Has Details

A former bodyguard and bouncer to many A-list stars, Leonard Taylor, has written a new tell-all regarding his time with several celebrities.

This comes after Taylor alleged in a recent lawsuit that his former employer, New York nightclub owner Barry Mullineaux, forced him to procure cocaine for celebrities including Chris Evans — best known as squeaky clean Captain America — and bad-boy musician John Mayer.

Now, Taylor has even more intel on Hollywood’s elite — and he’s hoping to get it published.

He’s completed the first draft of his book, and he says he’s drawn on his 21 years as a bouncer and bodyguard with over 135 celebrity encounters.

Taylor even called Chris Evans to let the Avengers star know about the book, but his messages were ignored. According to Taylor, he planned on not dishing details about Evans in the book, despite already name-dropping him in the lawsuit. However, since the star hasn’t called back, he may end up in the pages after all, if it’s ever published.

Two celebs that won’t make an appearance in the book? Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis. Taylor says Willis helped him out when he was homeless in NYC, providing some funds for an apartment.

Taylor’s book would also expose some alleged racism that occurred at Mullineaux’s club over the years. He claims that certain celebrities, like Lebron James and Michael Strahan, weren’t allowed in.



Though Taylor has said he isn’t planning on following through with his lawsuit, he may experience some fallout over his allegations about Evans and Mayer. The singer’s representation has called Taylor’s statements false and promised legal involvement. Evans’ reps have declined to comment.


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