Which Kardashian is Allegedly Struggling With Drugs?

Although sister Kim has most recently been in the spotlight due to her nuptials to Kanye West, Rob Kardashian is now making headlines — but not for a good reason.

According to reports, the Kardashian brother is struggling with drug use. Here are the details.

Rob Kardashian on Drugs?

Sources are claiming that Kardashian is addicted to a variety of drugs, including prescription medications Percocet, Norco, and Xanax.

He’s also reportedly smoking weed heavily and drinking “Sizzurp,” a combination of prescription-strength cough syrup (usually codeine), soda, and hard candy.

Rob’s Strange Behavior

The rumors surfaced just after Rob engaged in some questionable behavior, including unfollowing most of his family on Twitter and refusing to attend Kim’s wedding in Florence, Italy literally hours before she was to walk down the aisle.

Some speculate that Rob’s drug use stems from his weight struggles and depression.

Comments From the Kardashians

Kardashian’s own mother, Kris, acknowledged that Rob was having some personal problems, but didn’t elaborate beyond saying he was “struggling with some stuff.”

Rob has yet to speak out about his alleged drug use. Hopefully, the stories are just rumors, and the reality star isn’t facing addiction.

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