Which Celebrities Share the Most Substance Abuse on Instagram?

In today’s digital age, it’s easier than ever for fans to follow the behind-the-scenes of celebrities’ lives.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram help celebs connect with fans on a more personal level and allow unprecedented (but controlled) access — sort of like a better paparazzi that celebs can direct themselves to protect and shape their brand.

Some celebs don’t seem to care that their substance abuse is on full display on their social media profiles, even though they could be exposing young fans. The New York Post recently released a list of the celebs who post the most pictures that include drugs and alcohol.

Here are the top culprits when it comes to promoting substance abuse on Instagram.

Celebs Who Love Sharing Substance Abuse on Instagram

Devin the Dude

With a username including 420 in it, it’s not surprising that rapper Devin the Dude holds the crown for the highest percentage of Instagram pictures with drugs or alcohol. His Twitter followers are also subjected to lots of drug references.

Wiz Khalifa & Tommy Chong

Devin the Dude definitely leads the pack when it comes to sharing substance abuse on Instagram; the next two celebs lag behind significantly, with rapper Wiz Khalifa sharing drugs and alcohol in 15.7% of his Instagram pics and Canadian comedian Tommy Chong checking in at 14.1%.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is the most active celebrity on Instagram — and since the rapper has admitted to smoking 81 joints a day, it only follows that his account would include images of him abusing drugs and alcohol. He checks in at 7.4%.

Celebs With a Cleaner Image

There are some celebrities you’d expect to crack the top 10 that barely register on the list. 1.3% of Miley Cyrus’ Instagram photos feature drugs and alcohol (making her tied with fellow former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens!), 0.7% of Jay-Z’s, and 0.6% of Justin Bieber’s (the same as Chelsea Handler and Nicole Richie).

This doesn’t necessarily mean these celebs use less drugs and alcohol in real life, of course — they’re just more careful about keeping their Instagram image clean.

Hopefully, the celebs that top the list will wise up and get some help for their substance abuse issues!

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