Was Jim Carrey’s Prescription Stash the Cause of Cathriona White’s Death?

Jim Carrey was recently handed a lawsuit by his late girlfriend Cathriona White‘s secret estranged husband Mark Burton, who claims Carrey is to blame for the death.  It is believed that White committed suicide by overdosing on “stolen” Ambien, Propranolol, and Percocet which belonged to Carrey. Jim used the alias Arthur King to obtain his prescriptions.

While some might think it’s sketchy to obtain prescription drugs using a fake name, it’s actually a common practice for celebrities to use a different name in order to protect their privacy. In fact, Carrey’s legal team has noted that the star acquired the pills using “routine practices.” The celeb’s doctors and insurers knew about it too.

Despite it being against the law to use false information on prescriptions, it appears the weight of this hiccup lays on the 54-year-old’s doctor’s shoulders. Supposedly, Burton’s lawyers have concerns regarding “the conduct of Carrey’s physician.”

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