Trouble at The Office: Actor Craig Robinson Detained with Drugs in the Bahamas

Relaxing by turquoise shores, drinking and gambling, savoring some Bahamian food–these are all activities The Office actor Craig Robinson probably expected to enjoy during his trip to Nassau last week. What he probably didn’t plan for–getting busted for drug possession before he could return to the United States.

Trouble in Paradise

Known for his portrayal of Darryl Philbin on NBC’s The Office, Robinson, 41, was detained as he attempted to board a plane in Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas. According to Stephen Dean of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, during boarding customs agents found a small quantity of marijuana and suspicious pills in Robinson’s possession.

The customs agents took the comedy actor into custody. Ercel Dorsett, prosecutor, said that Robinson carried 18 ecstasy pills and a half gram of marijuana. Robinson plead guilty to both counts of drug possession in front of a magistrate. He explained that he had purchased the drugs in the US and did not realize that they were illegal in the Bahamas.

Craig Robinson Drug Bust: No Laughing Matter

Though Robinson, also known for his roles in movies This Is The End and Hot Tub Time Machine, was in the Bahamas for a comedy show, he didn’t end up with the last laugh. The charges he faced could have landed him four years in prison. Instead, he was ordered to pay $1,000 in fines and was removed from the country by Magistrate Andrew Forbes.

Past Involvement with Drugs

This isn’t Robinson’s first run-in with the law involving drugs. He was arrested in Culver City, California under suspicion of possessing ecstasy and methamphetamine in June 2008. After Robinson finished a “diversion program” the chargers were dismissed.

Though Robinson hasn’t yet faced very serious consequences for being caught with drugs, from his history of drug possession it seems like this won’t be his last drug-related offense. If you’re concerned about the behaviors of a friend or loved one who you think might be using drugs, Test Smartly Labs offers convenient drug testing services at labs across the country.

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3 Comments to “Trouble at The Office: Actor Craig Robinson Detained with Drugs in the Bahamas”

  1. Phil Meyer 15 October 2013 at 9:13 am #

    A half gram of marijuana in the Bahamas?? I would have expected to see a much larger amount coming from there (even if he said that he bought it in the U.S.). Regardless of that, I’m way more surprised about getting let off with a $1,000 fine for the possession of ecstacy!! And with 18 pills, you think that would be a more serious offense–warranting a more stern punishment.
    Great article, here!

  2. Mary Brady 15 October 2013 at 9:47 am #

    This is unfortunate! I hope he learned his lesson because I know I’m not the only fan of this comedy star. C’mon Craig, get yourself together!

  3. Annette TItler 15 October 2013 at 10:29 am #

    He’s a great actor, it seems like quite a few celebrities have their moment in the drug spotlight; I’m glad that he wasn’t putting anyone’s life directly at risk by driving behind the wheel under the influence, though.