“The Weeknd” Shares ‘Drugs Were A Crutch’

The 26-year-old singer recently sat down with The Guardian to open up about his past and “heavy” drug use. The singer was chatting with the publication about his upbringing in Toronto, Canada saying: “I didn’t have a father figure in the house. No boys around. Just me and my mom.”
When he was only 17, he dropped out of high school, moved away from home, and moved in with friend La Mar Taylor. The two friends lived in a small apartment in Toronto’s suburbs where they spent the majority of their money on booze and drugs including cocaine, ketamine, MDMA, mushrooms, and cough syrup.

The Weeknd admitted he thought drugs were the only way the artist could be himself: “When I had nothing to do but make music, it was very heavy. Drugs were a crutch for me. There were songs on my first record that were seven minutes long, rambling – whatever thoughts I was having when I was under the influence at the time. I can’t see myself doing that now.”
Even though the Canadian singer is in a better place now, he still does dabble in drugs when he’s making music:
“I’ll be completely honest with you. The past couple of albums, I do get back to that. Even on this new album. You have writer’s block. And sometimes you’re like, I can’t do this sober.”
It sounds like the artist is in a good place though as he adds: “Right now, I feel in control. Where it takes me after, I don’t know.”

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