The Walking Dead Actor Seth Gilliam Arrested for DUI & Drug Possession

People get pulled over for suspicion of DUI and drug possession every day, and it doesn’t make the news. That’s not the case when the DUI suspect is on a popular television show. On May 5, actor Seth Gilliam, part of AMC’s The Walking Dead, was pulled over in Peachtree City, Georgia.

Suspicion of DUI

Dashcam video shows Gilliam’s car flying past a cop car. After a brief chase Gilliam pulls over. The police ask Gilliam to get out of the car and come to the trunk where he is immediately put in handcuffs. Saying that they smelled alcohol on Gilliam and in the car, the officers asked if he had been drinking. Gilliam copped to having enjoyed three beers and a shot before getting into his car that night. Peachtree City police felt certain that they had a DUI on their hands. A breathalyzer test revealed a BAC of .107.SCULPTURE & ART

On the strength of the DUI suspicion, the police decided to search Gilliam’s car. That’s how the actor ended up with drug possession charges being added to the DUI. Officers reportedly found a marijuana joint in the car’s glove box, which is enough to be charged with drug possession.

What Happens Next?

DUI and drug possession charges are serious. Seth Gilliam’s high profile career may make it hard for him to live down charges like drug possession, but other celebrities have managed to salvage careers after much better publicized and more frequent run ins with the law. Hopefully, Gilliam is using this respite after his arrest for DUI and drug possession to find himself an excellent criminal defense attorney. A competent lawyer may be able to get Gilliam’s charges reduced or dismissed.

Possible Consequences

Gilliam is extremely fortunate that his DUI and drug possession charges are not exacerbated by injuries to people or property. If this is a first offense, he may be let off with a fine and attendance at a diversionary program.

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