Teen/Child Stars Who’ve Been Busted for DUI

Although some young stars seem to have it all, that doesn’t make them immune to drug and alcohol addiction. So is the case of Disney star, Debby Ryan, who recently made headlines when she was arrested for DUI. After failing a field sobriety test, she was escorted to jail and then released on bond. She is one of four Disney stars to be arrested for motor vehicle offenses such as DUI.

Of the most famous is Lindsay Lohan who experienced several run-ins with the law for drinking and driving a few years ago. Hannah Montana alum, Mitchel Musso, also made headlines with his arrest. Jake T. Austin is another Disney star charged with DUI.

Drug and alcohol abuse destroys lives. Stars that were once on top of the world find it increasingly difficult to find work once word is out that they were drinking or doing drugs then driving. A DUI is no laughing matter. It costs celebrities time, money, and paid work as well as sending some stars to jail.

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