Sum 41 Singer Struggling With Alcoholism

You may remember Canadian pop/punk group Sum 41 for their songs “In Too Deep,” “Fat Lip,” or ” No Reason.” The band grew popular in the early 2000s, even earning a Grammy nomination as recently as 2012.

Frontman Deryck Whibley made headlines in the past for his previous marriage to singer Avril Lavigne. Now, he’s in the spotlight for his public struggle with alcoholism.

Whibley has shared the details of his alcohol addiction on his website — learn more on the story below!

Deryck  Whibley’s Alcoholism

Alcoholic Habits & Recent Health Issues

According to Whibley’s account, years of “hard boozing” finally caught up to him last month. He says drinking heavily was a daily habit that led to a recent medical crisis. While drinking at home, he suddenly collapsed.

Lucky for Whibley, his fiancé was present and able to rush him to the hospital. He was placed in the Intensive Care Unit and sedated for an entire week.

According to doctors, Whibley’s liver and kidneys had collapsed — and just one more drink could seriously jeopardize his death, perhaps even prove fatal.

Lessons From an Alcoholic

Now, Whibley says he understands that he can’t drink any more. He stressed the importance of drinking responsibly to his fans, and mentioned that he is focusing on his recovery.

Whibley’s ex, Lavigne, has sent along support for the singer.

Hopefully, Whibley will be able to complete a full recovery from his health scare and also pursue the addiction treatment he needs.

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