Soccer Star Abby Wambach Arrested for DUI in Portland

Abby Wambach, international soccer player, was arrested in Portland on Saturday, April 5 at 2 AM for a DUI. She was pulled over after running a red light, followed by failure of sobriety tests. She was arrested and investigated through several tests, all leading to the conclusion that she was drinking and driving.

Abby Wambach as a Leader

Abby is well – known among fans from her 15-year career in women’s soccer, which she retired from last October. Her leadership in the U.S. National team led to the win of four World Cups, as well as her being a leading scorer of 184 goals and 255 national team appearances. Her strong reputation was followed by Olympic Gold Medals in 2012 and 2004, as well as being FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year in 2012. Her unmatched track record in soccer has led her to a place as a leader for young women.

The DUI Incident

Wambach has apologized for the incident and stated that she is responsible for not meeting high standards that she expects from herself and that her fans require from her. Her DUI, according to her recent statements, is a mistake that she will not repeat, while she has promised to become a better example to others.

While Abby has become an example of leadership for women, drinking and the DUI that she now has on her record taints her reputation. Drinking and alcoholism is one that leads to disasterous results from those who are unable to recognize the potential consequences. This story offers a reminder of the tragedies that may occur from alcohol abuse.

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