Shocking Allegations About Angelina Jolie From A Former Drug Dealer

Angelina Jolie had something of a wild youth, famously wearing a vial of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck, kissing her brother, and jumping in pools wearing couture gowns. But the actress seems to have put those days behind her, garnishing Oscars and humanitarian awards.

That is, until this week when a disturbing video of a disoriented and emaciated Angelina appeared. Where did this video come from? What does it mean for the star now? And most importantly, why is a 15 year old video making the news today? Join Test Smartly Labs as we get the scoop.

Angelina on Heroin?

The Video Evidence

Frank Meyer came forward with a 16 minute video from the early 1990’s showing a very thin Angelina Jolie on the phone, pacing around a disordered apartment. He claims that he used to supply her with heroin and describes himself as her friend. The video allegedly takes place after the then struggling actress used heroin. She seems agitated and unhealthy, a far cry from the polished image she projects today.

Is This Even News?

Why are people talking about a 15 year old video? The actress has admitted that she went through a “dark time” and she appears to have moved on to focusing on her family, career, and humanitarian efforts. And there are other old photos of the star engaged in drug activity, some of them stills culled from this video.

So why are people paying attention? It may be that the video is a shocking glimpse into the not-so-glamorous past of someone who seems to have it all, with a beautiful family, a successful career, and a large amount of money at her disposal.

There may be another answer, though. The New York Daily News is reporting that the video only surfaced because the Enquirer’s parent company AMI is moving headquarters and wants to generate hype. Another source says that the tabloid is “running old news” and “slapping a big ‘Exclusive’ on it.

Does the Video Help or Hurt Angelina?

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity. But all of the attention that the video is getting is drawing attention to Angelina’s dark past. Will her fans be turned off by seeing the actress in an allegedly drug induced state, or will they appreciate how far she has come?

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