Shia LaBeouf Sincerely Sorry for His Antics, Says Shia LaBeouf

When we last left off with Shia LaBeouf just a month ago, the former Transformers star had plead guilty to disorderly conduct and agreed to attend rehab for alcoholism.

Now promoting his upcoming film Fury, LaBeouf is making the rounds on entertainment television shows, and he’s explaining his erratic behaviors of late.

Shia LaBeouf: I had an “Existential Crisis”

On his recent “Ellen DeGeneres Show” appearance, LaBeouf explained that he had an “existential crisis” that led to his disruptive behaviors and, in his words, “judgement errors.” This includes his strange actions at a Broadway Cabaret performance, wearing a paper bag to the premiere of “Nymphomaniac,” and hosting an #IAMSORRY performance art piece in which guests read critical tweets aloud and harassed him with whips and pliers.

LaBeouf’s arrest and brief jail time (24 hours) made him realize he was behaving bizarrely, and he publicly apologized for spitting on a cop, which led to his arrest.

Shia’s Whiskey Problem?

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” LaBeouf regaled viewers with the details on his Cabaret arrest, suggesting that a whiskey problem might be part of the issue.

Apparently, LaBeouf was returning to New York from a trip to Ireland, and he had plenty of whiskey there. When he returned amidst World Cup celebrations, he kept on drinking, and eventually ran into a Cabaret dancer who gave him a ticket to the show. Once there, he grabbed a few double whiskeys and basically forgot he was at a Broadway show. When Alan Cumming started smoking as a part of the show, LaBeouf decided he would smoke, too. As the show went on, LaBeouf yelled out at the dancer who’d given him a ticket and even ended up smacking Cumming on the behind. He was later arrested during intermission.

Hope for Shia?

Fortunately, Shia’s plea deal means he’ll be getting the help he needs in rehab. We wish the actor well in his recovery — and hope the next time he’s in the news, he has no unruly antics to share.

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