Shia LaBeouf Not Shying Away from Substances

Uh oh! Guess he couldn’t transform himself.

A little over a year ago, Transformers star Shia LaBeouf made the rounds apologizing for his bizarre, boozy behavior. He agreed to voluntarily enter rehab as part of a plea deal for a disorderly conduct charge last year.

It seems that stint was not effective, as LaBeouf is in the news again for a recent arrest in Austin, Texas.

According to witnesses, the actor was either very, very drunk or very, very high at 7:45 PM on Thursday, October 8th. After attempting to enter a bar but being denied due to his intoxication, LaBeouf started swearing excessively and attempted to force his way in. He began running down the street and then jaywalked directly in front of police, who warned him to stop. When he continued to act strangely, they subdued and cuffed him.


We’ll see what happens next for the beleaguered star.

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