Scott Disick’s Struggles With Substance Abuse & Attempted Suicide?

Back in June, it looked like a typical headline for a reality star: Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s long-time boyfriend and father of her children, hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after a night of hard-partying. Now, thanks to a new preview from E’s upcoming Kourtney and Khloe take The Hamptons, we know there was more to the alcohol poisoning story — Disick was actually abusing prescription drugs as well, and potentially even attempted suicide.

In the clip, Disick is shown in a very advanced level of intoxication, falling over and unable to walk up the stairs unassisted.

Kourtney summed up Disick’s state by saying, “If you want to die then you can continue to act this way.”

It seems like Disick didn’t heed her advice. Later in the preview, we see a shot of empty pill bottles and beer bottles, then someone shouts “He took the entire thing…every pill,” suggesting Disick attempted suicide with prescription drugs.

Then Disick heads to the hospital. A doctor warns that the combination of drugs he took is hurting his system, and Kourtney declares “Scott might be going to rehab.”

Since the show was filmed in June, we can only hope that Disick has since gotten his act together in the past few months, especially since Kardashian is pregnant with their third child.

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