Former ‘Scandal’ Star Addresses Drug & Alcohol Use

Actor Columbus Short, best known for his three season stint on ABC’s hit drama Scandal, is sharing details about the six months he spent in Atlanta, GA, claiming the move and a renewed focus on his music helped him overcome drug and alcohol abuse.

According to Short, he turned to using hard drugs and abusing alcohol after a close friend committed suicide and his marriage crumbled.

16-hour work days and a host of personal problems may have driven the actor to drink and do drugs initially until he “lost himself” and was numb, but he claims the move to Atlanta helped him break free from the people and places enabling his substance abuse.

He blames his celebrity in part for making drugs of abuse more accessible, citing Scandal‘s meteoric popularity as a reason why he was able to get so many substances so easily.

By changing his environment and focusing on his music, Short says he turned his life around.

But the change of scenery hasn’t lasted long; an L.A. judge summoned Short back to California since he is facing several legal battles.

Still, Short says he feels prepared to face the relapse triggers L.A. has in store for him, particularly with the support of celebrity friends like Wilmer Valderrama.

Hopefully, Short really is able to maintain his sobriety. If not, he can surely pursue more formal treatment for his substance abuse issues.

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