Russell Brand Shares Details of His Past Addiction With Oprah

On this week’s episode of Oprah Prime, comedian Russell Brand is opening up about his addiction recovery after 10 years of sobriety.

With Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death by heroin overdose still fresh in everyone’s minds, it’s good to see a celebrity speaking candidly about the perils of addiction and the difficulty of recovery.

Here’s what Brand had to say about his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.

Russel Brand & Addiction

As a crusader for decriminalization of drugs, Brand is vocal about drug and alcohol addiction. Though the full interview has not yet aired, OWN has released several clips and quotes from Brand’s conversation. Here are a few of the highlights:

Addiction Never Goes Away

According to Brand, addiction “never really goes away,” even after treatment, recovery, and years of sobriety. Rather, addiction remains dormant, and triggers — emotional, physical, social, etc. — can cause addiction to reemerge. That’s why recovered addicts often relapse, sometimes with tragic consequences.

Addicts Can’t Have “Just One Drink”

Brand also says that recovering addicts shouldn’t succumb to the “seductive idea” that they can have “just one drink” or “just one hit.” A momentary lapse can undo years of sobriety. Even if recovering addicts believe they can control their drinking or drug use, the very nature of addiction means they simply can’t. According to Brand, prior addicts should accept that they just can’t drink or use drugs again.

Addiction is an Illness

Another tidbit from Brand’s interview? He wants society to accept that drug and alcohol addiction is an illness, not a personal problem. Brand hopes that Hoffman’s death will help people realize this.

Get more insight from Russell Brand by watching Oprah Prime, airing on OWN on Sunday, March 9 at 9 PM.

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