Rosie O’Donnell: Custody Battle Complications

Rosie O’Donnell’s custody battle with her estranged wife Michelle Rounds just keeps getting more dramatic. The two adopted their daughter Dakota in 2013, but unfortunately their relationship went south from there. Rounds has made claims in the past that O’Donnell’s use of alcohol and marijuana make her an unfit parent. She claims that O’Donnell drinks a bottle of wine almost every night, and that she regularly smokes weed and eats edibles. Her argument is that this excessive use of drugs and alcohol gets in the way of parenting their 2-year-old daughter.

Rounds has made other shocking claims about O’Donnell’s parenting, such as that she has let their 19-year-old son throw unchaperoned parties where minors are drinking. She says she is worried about this kind of irresponsible parenting affecting their children. Although O’Donnell does employ a nanny, Rounds says that this is not good enough. She believes their children need to live with a sober and responsible parent, which she claims they have in herself.

O’Donnell dismisses Rounds’ allegations, saying that Rounds is simply lashing out because she resents the prenup that protects most of O’Donnell’s assets. However, RadarOnline recently reported that O’Donnell has tested positive for marijuana. This new revelation could severely damage O’Donnell’s claims for custody if and when they are brought up in court.

Sadly, the one truly hurting in all this drama is little Dakota. Not only are her parents going through a messy custody battle, but there also appears to be drug and alcohol use affecting the situation and making it worse. We hope that O’Donnell and Rounds can settle their dispute soon and get back to what is most important: raising their little girl.


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