Reche Caldwell, Former NFL Wide Receiver, Arrested for Selling Drugs

Football players are no strangers to drug arrests. Still, it’s never a good thing to hear about another football-related arrest — even when it’s a retired player.

This week, former college and professional football player Reche Caldwell was arrested for drug possession. Sources say he was attempting to sell controlled substances.

Here are the details on why the former wide receiver for the San Diego Chargers, New England Patriots, and Washington Redskins was taken into custody.

Reche Caldwell’s Drug Arrest

Football Player Selling Ecstasy?

Caldwell, a 6-season veteran of the National Football League, was arrested in Tampa, Florida on Wednesday, May 14. Officials say he was caught trying to sell MDMA, the street drug also known as Molly, Ecstasy, or E. Later reports indicate that Caldwell had almost 5 pounds of the drug in his possession at the time of arrest. With street prices around $80 per gram, Caldwell’s cache would have fetched upwards of $179,000. His bail was set at $2,000.

Former Arrest

This isn’t Caldwell’s first arrest. In January of this year, he was busted for his involvement in an illegal gambling ring. According to officials, Caldwell was a ringleader of the group operating in Tampa.

Hopefully, Caldwell’s latest arrest will help him realize the error of his ways and refrain from illegal activities.

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