Reality Shows That Glamorize Substance Abuse

Reality shows are everywhere these days. Like them or not, they publicize the good, the bad and the ugly of participants. An unfortunate theme among many reality shows seems to be substance abuse.

In fact, the correlation between reality T.V. and substance abuse appears so high that one can almost conclude that the two phenomena go hand-in-hand.

Here are some of the reality shows we’ve noticed glamorizing substance abuse on the airwaves.

Reality Shows That Promote Substance Abuse

1. Jersey Shore

This MTV produced reality series ran from 2009-2012. It featured eight purportedly New Jersey residents spending the summer on the Jersey Shore. Among the frequently wild antics were a lot of substance abuse issues. Alcohol appeared to be the drug of choice for most cast members who were often filmed getting drunk or behaving as though they were intoxicated. Kids responded to the show thanks to the location, fancy house and ongoing party atmosphere. However, some of the participants later landed in rehab because of their substance abuse issues.

2. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

What young person wouldn’t want to emulate the glamorous lives of these housewives? They have amazing clothes, the best cars and household staff to do everything for them. Even with all that going for them, many of the participants in this show deal with substance abuse issues. Perhaps the most noticeable one is Kim Richards who has been in and out of rehab to deal with her various substance abuse problems.

3. The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise

On the surface these shows seem romantic and exciting. Again, there are fabulous locations, great clothes and lots of attractive people. Unfortunately, this show also brings up a lot of substance abuse warning signals. The people who participate are supplied with unreal amounts of alcohol and nightly drinking, often to excess, is simply par for the course. Contestants who have appeared on the show occasionally pass out after binge drinking.
Though these shows all have different premises, they share one thing in common: they depict an unreal amount of substance abuse. Hopefully, viewers realize that there’s little reality to the way these reality stars use drugs and alcohol — and their behaviors shouldn’t be emulated.
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