Real Housewives Drunken Drama

Reality TV stars are known for their candor, rudeness and drunken antics on-screen but two Real Housewives of New York, Dorinda Medley and Bethenny Frankel, take their big TV personas off-screen.

On Monday night, it was reported that Real Housewife Dorinda Medley got drunk at the Regency Hotel at threw a high heel at an investment banker. While Medley is no stranger to partying, her excessive drinking might have been because Monday was her late husband Richard Medley’s birthday. Reportedly she apologized Tuesday morning and no charges were pressed.

Successful business woman Bethenny Frankel, know for her appearance on Real Housewives and as the founder of the Skinny Girl empire, is not known as a party girl like her co-star Medley. Frankel was supposed to return to radio for her show B Real with Bethenny on Sirius radio in September. However, sources have said that Sirius decided to discontinue working with Frankel after she threw a drink on a woman blocking her view at a Coldplay concert in August.

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