Rapper Tyga Posts Video of Son Near What Appears to be Marijuana

Another man with links to the Kardashian family is in the news for drug-related reasons.

This time, it’s Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, rapper Tyga, who is catching flack for a Snapchat video he posted of his son King Cairo.

In the clip, the 3-year-old is playing happily in the living room. Innocent, right? Well, some people say that it appears there is a pile of marijuana on the coffee table, quite near the child. There’s also a package of cigars on the table — ones often used when rolling blunts.

Tyga has yet to directly comment on the accusations, but sources say that he would never do anything to hurt his child. They claim that Tyga was unaware that the marijuana was there, and that he would never knowingly have the child around weed — when it’s lit, at least.

Sources also say that King Cairo’s mother, Blac Chyna, was in the room when the video in question was posted.



The situation is reminiscent to rapper Rich Homie Quan’s recent Snapchat message that showed him smoking marijuana with his 1-year-old on his lap.

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