Rapper Rich Homie Quan Allegedly Smoking Marijuana With 1-Year-Old on His Lap

It used to be that celebrities tried to hide their substance abuse and were often able to do so.

Now, with social media, it’s harder for celebs to sweep their drug and alcohol abuse under the rug — and many don’t even attempt to hide illegal substances when sharing photos and videos with fans.

One such star is rapper Rich Homie Quan, who recently shared a Snapchat snippet that shows his 1-year-old daugther Royal Lamar sitting on his lap while he smokes what appears to be a joint.

It could be that he was simply enjoying a hand-rolled cigarette, but that smoke exposure would still not be healthy for the child.

Sources are now saying that Georgia’s Child Protective Services and the Fulton County Police Department are investigating Quan to determine exactly what he was smoking and whether this behavior is typical for him.

Potentially, he may face criminal charges for child endangerment and reckless behavior.


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