Rapper Nelly Arrested for Felony Drug Possession

St. Louis native Nelly, known for hits with plenty of drug references like “Ride Wit Me,” “Country Grammar,” and “Hot in Herre,” was arrested on felony drug charges Saturday, April 11.

His arrest came after officials stopped his tour bus in Tennessee, finding marijuana and methamphetamines in the raid. The bus was initially pulled over in Putnam County, TN because it lacked the required U.S. Department of Transportation sticker as well as the International Fuel Tax Association sticker. When law enforcement approached the bus, the smell of marijuana was apparent.

During the search, officials found a plastic bag containing a crystal-type substance that was tested and confirmed to be methamphetamines. Drug paraphernalia and marijuana was also discovered, along with 100 small baggies often used in packaging and selling drugs.

Drugs and the like weren’t the only illegal things discovered on the bus; law enforcement also found several firearms. One passenger, Brian Jones, was charged as a felon possessing a gun; Nelly received felony possession of drugs, simple possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia charges.

Nelly’s attorney released a statement confirming the rapper’s presence on the bus, but asserting he was not associated with the “contraband” discovered therein, and stating that 15-20 other individuals had access to the vehicle before the stop. Nelly himself wrote on Instagram that he wouldn’t address the specifics, but that he clearly needs to be more aware of his associates, particularly those who travel with him.

Notably, Nelly was previously in hot water in 2012 after Texas border patrol discovered .64 oz of heroin, a gun, and 10 pounds of marijuana in his bus; he wasn’t charged in that incident because Brian Jones — the same associate arrested in the recent bust — told police all the drugs and guns were his.

Nelly is scheduled to appear in court on June 19th after being released from jail. We’ll see what happens next!

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