Rapper DMX’s Reported Drug Overdose Scare

Earl Simmons, commonly known by his stage name DMX, was sent to the emergency room several weeks ago after collapsing outside his hotel in New York. The 45-year-old rapper was first reported to have suffered a severe asthma attack that left him collapsing to the ground with shortness of breath. While the No Sunshine rapper does have a  history of asthma problems, the situation now seems to be more complicated than it first appeared.

A Close Call

Soon after his arrival in the hospital, reports started to circulate saying that asthma was not a factor in the rapper’s hospitalization. In fact, reports claimed that DMX almost lost his life due to a drug overdose. His life was saved by police, who performed CPR after finding him unconscious. A medic on the scene administered Narcan, an anti-opioid drug commonly used to help reverse the effects of an overdose of heroin.

A witness reported seeing the rapper take some type of powdered substance before he collapsed, additionally supporting the theory that the asthma attack claim was an attempt to deter the public eye from the rapper’s drug problems.

Just days after his hospitalization, DMX appeared at a club appearance in New York–quite an impressive recovery! We hope that the rapper continues to recover and avoids similar substance abuse problems in the future.

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