Was the Palin Family Feud Fueled By Alcohol?

Though she never made it to the White House, Tea Party member Sarah Palin has stayed in the spotlight since losing out on the Vice Presidential race in 2008, campaigning for conservatives and submitting sound bites on various programs. But recently the Palin name popped up in a way that we’re sure the Alaskan matriarch isn’t proud of.

Allegedly, a family birthday party turned sour in September, spiraling into a booze-fueled brawl between Palin’s 25-year old son, Track, and the ex-boyfriend of her daughter Willow.

When Track supposedly confronted the ex and the two began to fight, other Palins, including former Dancing With Stars contestant Bristol, jumped in the fray.

One party-goer states that Bristol was particularly intense, reportedly punching a man multiple times. The New York Post reports that Track ripped off his shirt and flipped off the crowd.

According to the Anchorage Police Department, around 20 people were involved in the “verbal and physical altercation,”  and that alcohol was a contributing factor.

Fortunately for the Palin clan, no one elected to press charges. Sarah Palin has yet to comment on the situation.

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