Olympic Doping: Re-Tests Show Cheating in 2008, 2012 Games

The 2016 Olympics aren’t the only games marred by doping scandals; new re-tests have proven that cheating took place in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. Forty more athlete’s tests have come up positive showing that over twenty-three medalists used performance drugs to achieve their championship victories. Doping is a serious issue that comes with repercussions from the International Olympic Committee who stores test results for up to ten years. This allows them to retest samples when new methods to do so become available.

Any athlete found in violation to anti-doping rules will be automatically banned from competing in the Rio Olympic Games. Doping has caused an uproar because of the ban on Russia and athletes from other countries who were found to be doping at the time their test results were submitted for evaluation. Performance drugs and doping have cost many champions their title as Olympic medalists in the past.

Athletes from countries that have been banned from competing can submit an appeal. They may or may not be allowed to participate in future Olympic Games. It all depends on the court’s ruling and whether or not the athlete remains in good standing. Only time will tell whether Russia will be allowed to participate in the Olympics once again.

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