Nigella Lawson’s Admitted Drug Use Affecting Her Entrance Into US

Nigella Lawson’s admission of past cocaine use is now preventing her from entering the United States, the US Embassy says.

Lawson attempted to travel to the US last weekend, but on Sunday was stopped by embassy officials. She is required to apply for a visa before she can travel to the United States.

Although Lawson’s latest trip was for vacation, she has previously worked in the US, filming the televised cooking contest “The Taste.” The Embassy’s request is a little unusual since British citizens are not typically required to have visas for vacation.

Due to privacy laws, the US Customs and Border Protection can’t discuss the details of Lawson’s case or her visa processing. Around 366 people were refused entry to the US in 2013. Lawson isn’t the only British celebrity to be denied entry to the US, either. The late Amy Winehouse was denied a visa to perform at the 2008 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles due to an arrest for marijuana use and public issues with drug and alcohol addiction, while singer Lily Allen was refused entry later that year due to a run-in with photographers.

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