Nick Gordon Seen Carrying Two Small Bags Filled With White Substance

Earlier this month, a judge found Gordon civilly liable for the untimely death of his girlfriend Bobbi Kristina, back in July of 2015. To make matters worse, Gordon failed to even appear in court to hear the final verdict.

However, new photos have shown Gordon behaving suspiciously near his Florida home. One image shows Nick carrying two small bags filled with, what looks like, a white substance.

The 27-year-old left his apartment complex last Wednesday evening looking agitated and distracted as he drove a short distance to a local restaurant. Gordon stayed inside the establishment for about an hour and 40 minutes before heading out to his car to grab the mystery bags. He immediately tucked the bags into his palm as he re-entered the restaurant.

About 10 minutes later, Nick left the business carrying a take out container and stumbled as he walked around his car to get into it. This update is certainly troubling as Gordon has a long history of abusing drugs.

And it seems Nick isn’t trying to stay sober these days as a source revealed that the troubled star allegedly spends his days exercising in the morning and getting wasted and/or high in the evenings.

Unfortunately, Nick isn’t even near the end of his hard times as a jury still needs decide on the damages he owes in the wrongful death case.

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