New Pics of Miley Cyrus in a Drug Den?

Miley Cyrus has never shied away from her love of drugs, particularly weed.

But a recently-released photo of the singer, now dating Patrick Schwarzenegger, shows her hanging out in what looks like her drug den.

Miley’s Drug Den?

The photo, allegedly taken in Cyrus’ Studio City, California home, shows the 22-year old sitting on her laptop in the background while a cannabis-type substance, rolling papers, rolled up dollar bill, and a vial of white powder (perhaps cocaine?) are foregrounded.

Supposedly, one of Cyrus’ friends released the photos to the press in an effort to expose how out-of-control Cyrus’ partying has gotten.

On the night in question — November 26 — the friend says Cyrus binged on hallucinogenic mushrooms, marijuana, and cocaine for nearly 4 hours.

Cyrus hasn’t yet responded to the photos — but considering how blase she has been about drug use in the past, it doesn’t seem that she would feel any guilt!

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