New Developments in Bobbi Kristina Brown Death: Her Boyfriend Drugged Her and Drowned Her

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of the late singer, Whitney Houston and pop singer Bobby died in hospice care in late July after being in a six-month coma. At the of Brown’s death, doctors did not suspect drugs or alcohol to be the cause of the coma. However, recent developments revealed that Brown’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, gave her a toxic cocktail of drugs. When she fell unconscious, he put her face down in the bathtub according to the lawyer representing Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Estate.

A $40 Million Lawsuit

The attorney filed a lawsuit in in June against Gordon. Court documents outline the attorney’s allegations, which, if they’re true would amount to homicide. According to the documents, Gordon came home from a cocaine and alcohol binge, watched security camera footage, and became irate.

Gordon’s Abusive Language and Actions

The suit claims that Gordon screamed at Brown, calling her a “w**** and a b****,” after viewing the camera footage. The argument went from room to room until Gordon gave Brown a “toxic cocktail” that left her unconscious. The lawyer said that Gordon dragged Brown to the bathtub, which he filled with cold water and placed Brown in face down. According to documents, after Gordon put Brown in the tub, he got in bed and placed placed his head on a female guest’s ankle and said, “Now I want a pretty little white girl like you.”

After 15 minutes, the suit says another person — presumable Max Lomas — found Brown in the tub.

An Oddly Placed Dust Pan

The suit said that when Brown was pulled from the tub, one of her teeth hung loosely from her mouth. Also, authorities found a dust pan at the bottom of the tub.

Gordon’s Denial

Nick Gordon has denied any wrongdoing and claims that Brown simply did too many drugs.

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