Michael Phelps Opens Up About Rehab

In recent years, Michael Phelps has been in the spotlight, and not for his Olympic achievements. In September of 2014, the famed swimmer was arrested for a DUI in Maryland. And that wasn’t the first time. He had formerly been arrested for a DUI in 2004 at the young age of 19. After his 2014 arrest, the Olympian was quick to take responsibility for his actions by pleading guilty to one count of DUI. He also committed to a six-week, inpatient rehab program.

Making a Positive Change

Recently in an interview for Sports Illustrated, Phelps opened up about his past run-ins with the law involving alcohol and his experience in rehab. “I was in a really dark place, not wanting to be alive anymore,” said the swimmer. His experience in rehab seems to have changed his outlook on the appropriate use of alcohol and his continuing athletic goals. He says that after many years of regularly drinking and then going to practice while hungover, he is finally ready to give the sport his all.

Phelps has vowed not to drink a sip of alcohol at least until the next Olympic Games are finished. He says this change in lifestyle allows him to take care of his body and get in better shape than he has ever been. We can only hope that this healthy change in his life will be a permanent one and that his experience will inspire others to make a similar change.

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