Maria Sharapova Update: Tennis Star Banned from the Sport

Tennis sensation Maria Sharapova tested positive for the heart disease drug, meldonium, this year which caused the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to enforce a two year ban on the athlete. The Russian started taking the drug in 2006 for health issues and a decade later, it became a banned substance. Maria Sharapova plans to appeal the ruling stating that her offence was “unintentional.” She also stated that she will fight for her right to play tennis.

Maria Sharapova is not the first athlete to test positive for performance-enhancing drugs. In fact, it’s a widespread practice in sports which is why drug testing is supported and encouraged. Maria Sharapova tested positive three times this year including during a match with Serena Williams. The ITF counted it as a single violation of its anti-doping rule.

One of the things that Maria Sharapova misses most is her fans. She states that without their support, she wouldn’t have gotten through some very tough days. As for her ban from tennis, only time will tell whether she was in violation of anti-doping rules or because of her medical condition cleared from any wrongdoing.

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