Madonna Opens Up About Past Drug Abuse, Claims Substances Helped Her Get Closer to God

Madonna is no stranger to controversy, but she’s taken her revelations to a new level in a recent Interview magazine article.

Speaking with celebrity magician David Blaine, the Material Girl singer has shed some light on her past substance abuse — and her motivations for using drugs are straight up bizarre.

Madonna Says Getting High Elevates Her to a “Higher Level of Consciousness”

According to the Evita star, her substance abuse was always about “connect[ing] to God or to a higher level of consciousness.”

She believes that getting high allows people to get closer to a higher power, and thinks that most substance abusers have this goal when using, too.

But that doesn’t mean the pop superstar advocates drug use, per say. She was quick to point out that getting closer to God was part of the “illusion of drugs,” because the substances can be deadly to use.

Though she admits to trying “everything” when it comes to substance abuse, Madonna claims she didn’t enjoy being high. In fact, as soon as she reached a high, she would drink lots of water to flush the drugs out of her system (which we can attest, as drug testing experts, doesn’t actually work).

Madonna didn’t reveal if her drug days are all behind her, but hopefully she isn’t inclined to use again.

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