Mad Max Star Tom Hardy Tells All on Past Crack Use

Those who are not addicted to crack use have no concept of the powerful hold it can have over a life. Crack use has destroyed millions of lives, but a fortunate few are able to find the road to redemption. Just ask Mad Max star Tom Hardy. At one time his crack use was so compelling that the actor has said he “would have sold my mother for a rock of crack,” but he has battled his demons and emerged with a new perspective.

The Origins of Crack Use

Hardy’s crack use was a later manifestation of years of substance abuse. He was born into a well-to-do, stable family, yet was drawn to various drugs. After sniffing glue and trying hallucinogens, Hardy progressed to alcohol and crack use. They were habits that stayed with him through his mid-20s, and the beginning of his burgeoning acting career.

It wasn’t until 2003 that Hardy realized he was in trouble. A big Hollywood movie, Star Trek: Insurrection, had just flopped at the box office. This professional hurdle upped the ante on his crack use until he came to one day lying in a pool of vomit and blood. He knew then that things had to change.

Former Crack Use Continues to Shape Hardy’s Life

Hardy spent 28 days at a rehab facility, and notes that he has been sober since 2003. However, his marriage to first wife Sarah Ward did not survive the recovery process. Even with several years of sobriety under his belt, Hardy doesn’t take his progress for granted. He understands that he’s just one step away from a major mistake, but he asserts that he knows how to manage his addiction. Also, thanks to the birth of son Louis, Hardy has extra motivation to move forward and away from crack use.

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