Lindsay Lohan Breaks Sobriety


Just months after her release from rehab, Lindsay Lohan has confessed that she broke her sobriety.

Lohan, now the subject of a documentary series titled Lindsay, has struggled with drug and alcohol use for nearly a decade. Her 3-month stint in rehab marked her sixth time seeking treatment — and it remains to be seen whether it will be her last.

Lindsay Lohan’s Post-Rehab Relapse

Lohan’s admission came on the latest episode of her reality series which aired April 6, 2014. After her life coach asked if she had been drinking, Lohan initially grew angry and asserted that she hadn’t consumed any alcohol.

But later in the episode, Lohan admits that she did break her sobriety by drinking some wine — despite swearing off all drugs and alcohol after her July release.

What made Lohan relapse? She cites stress from a rocky relationship with a boyfriend, claiming she rushed into the relationship. Her boyfriend was not on the same page when it came to sobriety.

Hope for Lindsay Lohan?

Fortunately, Lohan seems to realize the gravity of her relapse, however brief it was. She expressed guilt over indulging in wine, and stated that she wouldn’t let it happen again.

One can only hope that Lohan’s commitment to sobriety proves stronger the next time around, especially considering her rocky past when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction. Since beginning her documentary, which airs on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network, Lohan has seemed healthier and more stable — even Winfrey herself has said that Lohan has made progress.

We wish Lohan all the best on her continued road to recovery!

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