Lamar Odom: Drug Abuse Saga Continues

Lamar Odom has been in the spotlight for weeks now. Fans and curious onlookers alike have tracked the ups and downs as rumors wildly spin about his alleged drug addiction. Here’s the latest in the ongoing story.

Odom: Out of Rehab

The basketball star is out of a recent stay in rehab. The rehab followed his DUI and alleged cocaine addiction. According to Daily News, Odom was out socializing on Monday, September 9 in Los Angeles. The free agent NBA player made a few stops including a visit to a sushi restaurant and a convenience store.

Drug Rumors and DUI Arrest

The summer has been filled with rumors surrounding Lamar’s behavior and drug use habits. People are coming out of the woodwork to share details of his alleged addiction to cocaine. Stories were leaked describing a supplier that stopped dealing to Odom and a defense lawyer who claimed he did drugs in her apartment.

We don’t know what’s true and what’s fabricated in these stories, but we do know that Lamar Odom has shown some troubling behavior. His recent DUI charge calls to our attention potential alcohol issues, as well. His stay in rehab is a good start, but we think Odom needs continued support as he deals with whatever substance issues he faces.

rehab sign

Odom and Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian, wife of the struggling star, is keeping her mouth shut. She continues to choose not to publicly address her husband’s situation and instead has stayed close to her family.

The couple have had their share of struggles during their roller coaster relationship which began when they met in September 2009. Since then, the couple has moved to Dallas and back after Odom’s time with the Mavericks ended, dealt with fertility issues and embarked on several joint projects. Now, the couple faces the consequences of Lamar’s alleged drug addiction and DUI.

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10 Comments to “Lamar Odom: Drug Abuse Saga Continues”

  1. Scott McGarvey 11 September 2013 at 12:36 pm #

    I can imagine that it would be hard to be a star in the spotlight all the time that may lead to a drug addiction. But there is help out there for everyone, no matter your celebrity status, that can help you get through and over it.

  2. Catherine Sadler 11 September 2013 at 2:56 pm #

    So many people in the spotlight struggle with the ways to deal with their problems causing them to get themselves in trouble.

  3. Phil Meyer 12 September 2013 at 11:28 am #

    Times like this make me glad to be your run-of-the-mill average joe. I couldn’t imagine the frustration that must accompany some of the celebrities when faced with a hard situation. Everyone makes mistakes, but most don’t have to deal with the defacing of their public image. Best of luck to the couple and I hope they recover well!

  4. Jason Collett 14 September 2013 at 2:34 pm #

    I’m a big fan of Lamar Odom, I always felt like he had been working hard to make his life better, and it’s sad to see that he might have backslid.

  5. Roy Lindfield 16 September 2013 at 11:24 am #

    Its unfortunate that so many stories get put out there that you don’t know what is true or false. Hope he gets through his struggles.

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  10. Tim Futh 25 September 2013 at 10:22 am #

    Its amazing to me the guys who want to ruin their professional sports careers because of drugs. Hope he gets what he needs to get better.