Lamar Odom Checks Out Of Drug Rehab Facility

Lamar Odom has recently finished completing a 35 day stint in rehab and will be heading back to his home in Los Angeles.  

Odom entered the San Diego treatment facility last month as a preventative measure fearing the upcoming anniversary date of his son’s death in 2006 would drive him back to drugs.  The NBA star overdosed in October 2015 at a Nevada brothel and there have been rumors he had fallen of the wagon and was using drugs once again.

He was also struggling with the recent finalization of his divorce from Khloe Kardashian.  Insiders said Kardashian was moving forward with the divorce proceedings after putting them on hold when the overdose occurred.  Once she felt Odom was in a place to resume handling his own affairs, she resumed seeking the divorce.

Lamar seems to be doing better after completing the program and getting on with his life back in Los Angeles.

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