Member of Justin Bieber’s Entourage, Lil Za, Arrested for Cocaine Possession

Justin Bieber is back in the news again for alleged less-than-legal antics — and this time, a member of his crew, rapped Lil Za, has been arrested for cocaine possession.

Lil Za’s legal troubles began when Bieber’s Calabasas, CA home was raided in connection with an egging incident that occurred on Thursday, January 9. How did vandalism turn into charges of cocaine possession? Here’s the scoop.

Lil Za Cocaine Arrest: Where it Began

Bieber Behind Egging Incident?

On Thursday, January 9 at 7:30 PM, Bieber’s neighbor heard something hitting his window. Upon investigating on an outside balcony, the neighbor and his daughter allegedly saw Bieber standing in the lawn, hurling eggs at their home. The neighbor shouted at the pop star to stop, and Bieber yelled back, continuing to throw eggs. The following day, the neighbor called the police.

Police Get Warrant, Search Bieber’s Home to Investigate Vandalism

With an estimated $20,000 in damage due to the vandalism, police received a warrant to search for “video surveillance or other possible evidence” to link Bieber or his entourage to the egging incident. They began searching Bieber’s home at 8 AM on Tuesday, January 14.

Instead of egging evidence, police likely found more than they bargained for: they spotted Lil Za’s stash of cocaine in plain sight as they searched Bieber’s home, leading to his arrest for felony drug possession.

Bieber was home during the raid — police detained him in the garage as they searched the property — but he was not arrested in connection with the felony vandalism or drug charges.

With Lil Za’s bail set at $20,000 (the same amount as the estimated damage caused by the vandalism!), it remains to be seen whether Bieber will shell out the money to free his pal.

Police say the egging investigation is ongoing, and though Bieber has not yet been arrested in connection with the felony vandalism, he has also not been cleared of his neighbor’s accusations.

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