Justin Bieber Detained at LAX for Suspected Drug Possession?

Justin Bieber is no stranger to searches, seizures, and drug-related scandals. It doesn’t look like this will be changing any time soon.

The Canadian singer, who has long been under fire for his erratic behaviors and faces an assault charge in his country, was detained yesterday, Thursday, April 25, at Los Angeles’ LAX airport.

Justin Bieber’s Travel Troubles

Bieber was traveling to Los Angeles from Tokyo, Japan. Upon touchdown, he was detained by United States Customs and Border Protection officials for at least two hours.

Neither LAX or U.S. Customs would comment on the nature of Bieber’s detainment, only stating that privacy laws prevented them from elaborating on the situation. But considering that Bieber was similarly detained in February when traveling from Canada to New Jersey from the Super Bowl, it seems suspected drug possession might be the reason why Bieber was delayed in LAX.

On that occasion, Teterboro Airport officials briefly detained and questioned the star on suspicion of marijuana possession. Drug-sniffing dogs were deployed to search Bieber’s aircraft, but they didn’t find any drugs and the star was soon released. Still, sources said Bieber could expect similar treatment when traveling to the United States.

Bieber’s Latest Legal Woes

Bieber has been no stranger to law enforcement this year. In addition to his detainment at Teterboro, he was arrested in January for DUI and driving recklessly. Just a week before his arrest, his Calabasas, CA home was searched, as Bieber was accused of vandalizing a neighbor’s home. Police found no evidence to connect Bieber to the crime, but they did find drugs on the premises — and crew member Lil Za was arrested for drug possession.

What will the rest of the year hold for Justin Bieber? Nothing good, if his behavior continues!

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