John Stamos Returns!

Actor John Stamos came back to Twitter today with a tweet updating fans about his health one month after he checked himself into rehab. Stamos tweeted, “I’m back! Took a month to take care of things. Healthy. Feeling grateful for the love & support of family & friends.” The tweet came as a relief to fans as the actor, best known for his beloved role in Full House, has spent the past month recovering in rehab after receiving a DUI.

Stamos’ Substance Abuse Issues

On June 12, Stamos, 51, was arrested with a DUI by Beverly Hills Police. He was then transported to a nearby hospital. In the wake of his arrest, friends reported to People that while the actor has “always drunk socially,” and that at one point in his life, “it was a problem,” they insisted that those days are over for Stamos. However, this brings up the question of whether once alcohol is a problem in someone’s life, if it is ever truly possible to fully get rid of that problem. Addiction, unfortunately, tends to be a lifelong issue.

In June Stamos began a residential rehabilitation program to seek treatment for his problems with substance abuse. This comes at an unfortunate time for the actor, as his professional career has once again began to take off. With a Netflix reboot of Full House in the works, the actor has every reason to be happy and hopeful about his acting career.

Emerging from Rehab

Stamos got some love from his former on-screen wife, Lori Loughlin, who tweeted at him soon after his initial tweet. She tweeted, “Welcome home @JohnStamos!! Can’t wait to see you Monday! #FullerHouse.” We love seeing him get that needed support from friends at this critical time. We with Stamos the best of luck as he moves on to start filming Fuller House. Recovering from substance abuse problems is not easy, but with the support system that Stamos seems to have, we hope that his recovery will continue to be successful.


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