Jamie Foxx Saves Man from Burning Vehicle

Sometimes on Celebrity Down and Out, we like to cover those who are on the up and up. Jamie Foxx pulled a man from a burning car that was overturned.

The wreck happened around 8:30 the evening of January 18 just northeast of Los Angeles. The driver skidded on the wet roads of Hidden Valley, ran into a ditch and flipped upside down in front of Foxx’s gate. Foxx told California Highway Patrol officers that he heard the accident and ran outside. He saw the driver seatbelted into his car. Foxx said he thought the car would explode, so he unbuckled the man and dragged him to safety about 30 feet away from the accident.

Foxx said he called 9-1-1 before he rescued the man, and police and firefighters brought the driver to the hospital with major injuries including severe burns.

Foxx saved the man’s life, but the driver was arrested for a DUI. Law enforcement said the driver, Brett Kyle, 32 could have been burned alive. Kyle’s 2007 Toyota Tacoma flipped after he struck a drainage pipe and concrete.

Kyle was lucky Foxx pulled him from his burning vehicle, and that Kyle didn’t hurt or kill anyone else. Driving under the influence is inexcusable. Kyle would have been much better off if he slept on someone’s sofa or called a taxi to drive him home.

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