Is Mariah Carey Struggling With Drug Use?

Rumors regarding out of control alcohol and drug use have swarmed around singer Mariah Carey for years. Now that her marriage to Nick Cannon is definitely over and her world famous five octave voice appears to be failing too, rumors about Carey’s drug use are more prevalent than ever.

A Brother’s Concern

Tabloid reports recently surfaced in which Carey’s brother, Morgan, claims that he’s terribly worried about his sister. Although he’s been estranged from her for about two years, Morgan claims that an insider has told him about his sister’s alcohol and drug use. Apparently, Mariah is drinking heavily on a daily basis and her habitual drug use includes a cocktail of pills like Depakote, Zyprexa and Ativan.

Morgan’s concerns about Mariah’s drug use are so serious that he says he expects her to die like Whitney Houston. Moreover, he thinks that her alcohol and drug use may be making her unfit to care for her twin children.

Surrounded By Enablers

Morgan is unfamiliar with the entourage that Carey now surrounds herself with and thinks that they may be enabling her drug use. With the additional absence of her ex-husband Cannon, it may be that Carey is sinking into greater dependency on drugs and alcohol.

Not So Harmonious

Signs of trouble appeared at the end of 2014 when Carey appeared on a Christmas special during which she seemed to have difficulty with her voice. That troubled performance led to rumors about Carey’s dependence on a codeine laced cough syrup that was meant to help heal her throat.

While there is currently little proof of Carey’s drug use that may change if her habits truly are as out of control as they are rumored to be. For now Carey is finishing up a successful three month residency at Caesar’s Palace Casino in Las Vegas.

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