Is Madonna Done With Drugs for Good?

When we last wrote about Madonna, the singer was exalting drug use for bringing her “closer to God.”

We weren’t sure if she was done with substances, as the Interview article didn’t make that clear.

Now, she’s clarified her position on substance use. Here’s Madonna’s current substance status.

Madonna: I No Longer Have the “Stamina” for Substance Use

The Material Girl has clarified that she no longer takes drugs. She says that drugs would “destroy” her for days after usage.

She says that she avoided drugs when she was younger because she was too scared to try them — so when she finally took drugs, she was bedridden for three days thanks to their intense effects.


Per a recent interview with MOJO magazine, Madonna claims she lacks the stamina required for taking drugs. She’s basically rendered useless in the days after drug use, and since using is too big of an inconvenience for her, she chooses to abstain.

Other reasons Madonna chooses not to engage in substance use? She respects her body and wants to feel good physically. Since drug use does damage to her system, she chooses not to use.

Although some of these comments are hard to reconcile with the portrait of drug use she painted in her last interview, it is refreshing to see a celebrity condemning drug use and pointing out how physically damaging substance use can be.

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