Is Justin Bieber Sober or Not?

After making headlines for all the wrong reasons — suspected drug possession, DUI, and vandalism, to name a few — Justin Bieber has done a lot of soul searching and a lot of damage control over the past year.

One thing is unclear, though: has the singer really turned over a new leaf and become sober, or is he still up to his hard-partying ways?

Is Justin Bieber Sober?

Yes, According to Friends & Some Sources

Last January, sources reported that Justin was looking to get his career “back on track” and that he turned to his close friend, Christian minister Carl Lentz, to begin the transformation.

Bieber’s celebrity friends say that he is still sober. Riff Raff says that both he and Diplo were hanging out with Bieber in LA recently, and that despite both of his pals being under the influence of marijuana and alcohol, Bieber didn’t join in.

No, According to Recent Photos & Videos

Bieber’s recent appearances have many people saying he is definitely not sober. He was caught on film drinking straight from a bottle of cognac at a Rae Sremmurd concert. Technically Bieber never officially cut alcohol out of his life, just drugs, but the act was still troublesome.

What happened next, though, seems to confirm that Bieber is officially off the wagon. He lit up what many speculate was a joint, though it’s hard to tell in the video what’s going on.

Regardless, it’s suspected that Bieber is not doing so well at staying away from his vices.

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