Fuller House Star Jodie Sweetin Talks Meth Addiction, Alcoholism, Sobriety

The high level of stardom also comes with the secret lives that are outside of the limelight. According to Jodie Sweetin, learning to overcome the darker issues from her earlier career has been a central challenge. In a recent announcement from her Dancing With the Stars debut, she opened up about her past meth addiction and alcoholism. Her journey is one that is now being reviewed as an inspiration to all.

The Career of Jodie Sweetin

Jodie was a well-known child actress, playing the role of the middle daughter, Stephanie, in Full House. Her early career, fame and fortune lasted until she was 13, allowing her to experience the limelight of TV. From the time the show ended until she was in her late 20s, she stayed out of the scene, marrying in 2007 and having two children.

Facing Her Addictions

After Full House ended, Sweetin took a break from acting to pursue a college career. However, her life did not go back to normal, and instead she entered a dark period. She began to use drugs and alcohol regularly, quickly leading to meth addiction and alcoholism. In 2005, she was hospitalized from a drug overdose, specifically with the meth addiction at the heart of the problem. While she received some rehab, she backlashed, leading to issues with alcoholism and admitting to drinking while she was pregnant with her first child.

The Ability to Overcome

The divorce from her husband, as well as certain turns in her life, allowed Jodie Sweetin to change the outcome of her meth addiction and issues with alcoholism. She now states that she has been sober for five years, and is happy to be back on the scene with her Fuller House and Dancing with the Stars opportunities. While these issues refer back to her past, she states that the strength to overcome the addictions has been both challenging and rewarding, allowing her to have newer experiences and opportunities.

The life of Jodie Sweetin show inspirational hope to the issues with meth addiction and alcoholism. While the actress went through several issues with the drugs, she now shows a different light in overcoming and being able to start again. Her new debuts are offering a welcoming example for sobriety and overcoming meth addiction and alcoholism.

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