“Friends” Star Opens Up About Substance Abuse

Beloved “Friends” actor Matthew Perry has been open in talking about his addiction issues with drugs and alcohol. While at a “Friends” reunion earlier this month, Perry admitted that he doesn’t have many memories of three years of filming the hit TV series. When asked about his least favorite episode of the series, Perry responded that Seasons 3 through 6 were a low point for him, as there was rarely a time when he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

A Long Road to Sobriety

This is not the first time Perry has opened up about his addiction to alcohol and Vicodin. He entered rehab during the seventh season of “Friends” and has since talked about the hope he found while in the treatment center. The actor spoke to The Holywood Reporter, saying, “Treatment centers are important because they sort of separate the addict from their environment where they were using.” However, he stressed that simply entering a treatment center is not enough and that “you have to follow up with a lot of hard work afterwards.” Perry also expressed hopes that by sharing about his own road toward sobriety he could help other addicts in their struggles.

In recent years, Perry has put much of his time and energy towards being an advocate for the rehabilitation of nonviolent drug offenders through treatment centers rather than jail time. He even received an award at the White House in May 2013 for his efforts testifying before Congress and lobbying to get $45 million in financing for these rehabilitation programs.

Perry’s ability to open up about his longtime struggle with addiction has already made a difference in other addicts’ lives. His struggle highlights the importance of opening up and getting help in order achieve a sober and healthy life. Test Smartly Labs is proud to provide drug testing nationwide for those struggling with addiction. Find your nearest location today.

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