Former USC Football Coach, Steve Sarkisian’s Problem with Alcohol

The University of Southern California (USC) fired its head football coach, Steve Sarkisian in October of last year. Sarkisian responded by filing a $30 million lawsuit.

USC recently filed a response to the suit, claiming he fed the public lies about the university’s awareness of his issues with alcohol. USC said he never admitted to having a drinking problem, or that he was an alcoholic.

To add more fuel to the fire, the university says, “The truth is he denied ever having a drinking problem, but blamed his inability to perform the essential functions of his job on marital stress, lack of sleep, and anxiety.”

According to a player’s text to ESPN in October, Sarkisian “showed up lit to meetings again today.” Another source said he showed up Sunday morning and “appeared not normal,” then was told to leave.

“They wouldn’t let him come to practice,” the source said.

Sarkisian’s lawsuit said that athletic director, Pat Haden knew that Sarkisian had issues with abusing alcohol. Sarkisian claims that Haden made Sarkisian sign a document promising to get counseling and avoid any future embarrassing booze situations.

Sarkisian sued for breach of contract and discrimination against his disability among other things. USC believes the situation should have been handled in private arbitration under the terms of his contract.

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