Has Dwayne Bowe Turned a Corner Since His Drug Arrest?

One of the Kansas City Chiefs’ highest paid players, Dwayne Bowe, threw a dark shadow over his team’s perfect Cinderella season last year when he was arrested for speeding and possessing marijuana. But as he returns to training camp focused and in great shape, is he finally ready to put his past behavior behind him and focus on football?

Disappointment in Denver

For anyone who thinks marijuana is an insignificant issue, take a look at the 2013 KC Chiefs last November. They bounced back from a dismal 2-14 record the previous season to become the only undefeated team in the NFL at 9-0. At this point, positive energy was soaring around the team, who were portrayed in the media as the come back story of the season. They looked ahead to meeting their division rivals, the Denver Broncos in a game so highly anticipated that it was moved to a coveted Sunday night slot.

News of Dwayne Bowe’s arrest was the first truly negative thing that happened to the Chiefs that season, and it heralded their first of two losses to Denver. Dwayne Bowe went on to post disappointing numbers for the season. Whatever magic that helped them coast through the first nine games of the season undefeated was gone. They made an appearance in the playoffs but suffered an embarrassing collapse to the Indianapolis Colts, blowing a 28 point lead and squandering a season that began with so much promise.

An End to the Dwayne Bowe Show?

There is always room to make a change, and it seems that Dwayne Bowe is finally ready to put his drug use behind him to focus on helping his team. He plead guilty to amended charges and paid a fine of $610 dollars. He hired a personal trainer and a nutritionist during the off season and is said to be in impressive physical shape. As he turns 30, he looks ready to put last year’s faux pas behind him and become a productive member of his team.

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