Does Patrick Schwarzenegger Out Party Miley Cyrus?

Since Miley Cyrus has certainly shed her doe-eyed Disney days (RIP, Hannah Montana!), you might expect her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, to show a little more restraint when it comes to partying. He is a Kennedy, after all!

But a mutual friend of the pair says that Schwarzenegger is a party animal, too: an even bigger one than Cyrus!

Patrick Schwarzenegger: Into Drugs and Alcohol More Than Miley?

The revelation comes from Australian singer Cody Simpson, who parties with the couple frequently, most recently in Miami at the start of this month.

When prompted, Simpson admitted that Schwarzenegger is “more hardcore” than Cyrus. While the “Wrecking Ball” singer is known to love her marijuana and alcohol, Simpson says that Schwarzenegger is always down to have a good time.

Son of actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger and journalist Maria Shriver, Schwarzenegger has received plenty of flack for dating Cyrus, 22, as the singer has created quite a splash with her scandalous dress and overtly sexualized appearances lately.

But disapproval doesn’t seem to deter the 21-year old from dating (and perhaps even secretly wedding?) Cyrus. And if Simpson’s claims are true, perhaps Schwarzenegger’s family shouldn’t worry about Miley being the bad influence. His friends seem to indicate that his hard-partying behavior existed before his relationship with Cyrus, not because of it.

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